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Technical Facility Management

Modern buildings and technical facilities are part of an ideal production environment. To ensure that they function reliably, Leadec responsibly tends to their professional operation, maintenance, inspection, and repair. We develop tailored concepts for modernization and remedy faults in the shortest time.  

Without light, air, and power, nothing works. The right production conditions are vital to the later result. Besides uninterrupted processes, especially the wellbeing of the users – that is, your employees – is closely linked to this. We at Leadec keep your buildings and facilities functioning, remedy faults in the shortest time, and secure the supply – of everything from hot and cold water through air conditioning and compressed air all the way to electricity.

Detecting and harnessing potential

Being in the direct vicinity of your production facility, the Leadec teams can keep an eye out for optimization potential and give recommendations for action. For example, with respect to energy consumption levels or facility performance all the way to wastewater treatment. The basis for this is formed by, among other things, the acquired data and analysis of them – and, ultimately, our worldwide network of experts. 

At a glance

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Trouble shooting
  • Operation of energy centers
  • Commissioning, acceptance, handover
  • 3rd party management
  • Repair

Get to know more services

  • Leadec employee cleaning robot in a paint shop.
    Technical Cleaning

    Dirt and technical facilities are not compatible. Leadec has been cleaning industrial facilities for nearly 60 years now – especially paint lines. That’s why we know exactly what care today’s machines and systems need. Because experience pays off.

  • Female Leadec employee with lifting truck on shopfloor.
    Infrastructural Facility Management

    Production is the heart of a company, but the buildings are its face. Not only for customers and partners but also for employees. And because cleanliness plays a central role here, Leadec handles the cleaning and maintenance of the complete infrastructure.

  • Two Leadec employees working at robot arms with controller.
    Production Equipment Maintenance

    A production facility has to run smoothly to be good. With its technical services, Leadec takes care of servicing, inspection, and preventive maintenance of entire production facilities.

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