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Production Equipment Maintenance

A production facility has to run smoothly to be good. With its technical services, Leadec takes care of servicing, inspection, and preventive maintenance of entire production facilities. 

Production facility downtime – whether planned or unplanned – above all results in one thing: high costs. Thus, to ensure facilities have maximum availability, the teams at Leadec make sure they are technically fit. In the process, we not only use condition-based, i.e., planned or corrective, maintenance and servicing, but we also bring in our experience in preventive maintenance.

Individual maintenance strategies

The basis of our work is formed by tailored maintenance concepts that treat technical and administrative processes in equal measure. This allows production to be viewed as a whole, the risk of failure to be minimized, and the service life of the facilities to be simultaneously maximized. For this, Leadec relies heavily on digital solutions, whether for documentation, data acquisition and analysis, or quality assurance.

Production environment as a success factor

Manufacturing companies find in Leadec a partner that offers a full range of services for production maintenance. And because we know how strongly the performance of a production facility depends on the production periphery, Leadec’s portfolio includes accompanying services such as replacement parts and tool management as well as fluid management.  

Find hidden cost saving with Leadec

Companies frequently overlook potential cost savings from inefficient maintenance, even though it would often greatly improve operating margins. Let Leadec help you understand your factories cost saving potential and discover where the opportunities are to improve.

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Our areas of expertise:

  • Machine tools / machining hubs and periphery
  • Foundry
  • Injection molding machines
  • Process plants / paint shops
  • Materials handling equipment
  • Robots / automation
  • Power screwdrivers / handling tools
  • Tool management

Your added value:

  • Maintaining the value of machines and equipment
  • Fast troubleshooting
  • Maximum equipment availability and fast response times
  • Regular monitoring of all critical areas
  • Efficiency and synergies ensure your competitive advantage
  • Focus on your core business
  • Customer focus and flexibility

Our services:

  • Trouble shooting
  • Failure analysis
  • Preventive maintenance (inspection, lubrication, measurement, function checking, testing, components replacement)
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Warrantly management
  • 3rd party repair handling
  • Offline repair

Get to know more services

  • Two Leadec employees with plan for relocation of production line.

    The relocation of production units or entire production facilities is one of the most challenging areas of factory organization. For that reason Leadec draws on its entire range of planning, logistics, and human resources services to ensure that every relocation project is a thorough success.

  • Leadec employee makes adjustments to robot arm.

    Digitalization and automation characterize modern smart factories. As a pioneer, Leadec is breaking new ground here, developing and realizing appropriate solutions to make manufacturing fit for Industry 4.0.

  • Two Leadec employees discussing plan of logistics plant.

    When everything is flowing smoothly in logistics, then production also works properly. That’s why Leadec organizes and optimizes the processes between procurement and distribution – from storage to transport and disposal. We take care of all logistics tasks inside and outside your production buildings professionally and reliably.

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