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Technical Cleaning

Dirt and technical facilities are not compatible. Leadec has been cleaning industrial facilities for nearly 60 years now – especially paint lines. That’s why we know exactly what care today’s machines and systems need. Because experience pays off.  

The quality and success of a product will also depend on the quality of the manufacturing. Regular Technical Cleaning & Preventive Maintenance of your facilities will ensure the ideal conditions for a smooth manufacturing process.

Uncompromisingly clean

Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of the requirements. As a result, we preserve the value and safeguard the availability of your facilities and machines. Even within sensitive areas like paint shops, we find a suitable solution for your requirements thanks to our longstanding expertise.

We always select the equipment and machines we use on the basis of the properties of the item to be cleaned and the degree of fouling. Our paramount consideration is using the latest processes to ensure fast, efficient cleaning that does not damage the material. One such procedure is the versatile dry ice cleaning method, which gently removes dirt and contamination from a wide range of surfaces in an environmentally friendly fashion. The cost and effort for waste disposal are minimized, chemical additives are not needed and shutdown periods can be reduced.

Areas of expertise:

  • Press shop
    - Lubricant residues and other liquids
    - Press waste
    - Dust removal
  • Car body construction
    - Residues e. g. from spot welding, continuous welding, clinching
    - Dust and welding air
    - Adhesives
  • Paint shops
  • Final assembly
    - Dusts
    - Ultrafine materials

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  • Leadec employee checking data of machine on display.
    Technical Facility Management

    Modern buildings and technical facilities are part of an ideal production environment. To ensure that they function reliably, Leadec responsibly tends to their professional operation, maintenance, inspection, and repair.

  • Two Leadec employees discussing plan of logistics plant.

    When everything is flowing smoothly in logistics, then production also works properly. That’s why Leadec organizes and optimizes the processes between procurement and distribution – from storage to transport and disposal. We take care of all logistics tasks inside and outside your production buildings professionally and reliably.

  • Female Leadec employee with lifting truck on shopfloor.
    Infrastructural Facility Management

    Production is the heart of a company, but the buildings are its face. Not only for customers and partners but also for employees. And because cleanliness plays a central role here, Leadec handles the cleaning and maintenance of the complete infrastructure.

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