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  • Leadec in China

    Since launching in the country in 1998, Leadec in China has provided comprehensive service solutions by relying on its unique service portfolio and a wealth of global resources.

Leadec in China: for the customer’s advantage

We go the extra mile

Leadec in China is part of the global group network of Leadec, the world’s leading service specialist for the entire life cycle of a factory and the associated infrastructure. Our more than 350 sites all over the world show that Leadec develops its business from one country to another and provides the services required by the local users. The comprehensive knowledge transfer between the specialists across the entire world and a localized training system are therefore second nature. 


We help our customers to fully focus on their core business. Harnessing the experience of our employees at many different locations, Leadec serves many foreign and local customers across China.

  • Make processes run smoothly
  • Improve product quality more effectively
  • Reduce failure rates
  • Enhance business efficiency
  • Streamline unnecessary personnel expenses
  • Reduce energy consumption

Our services

Industries we work for

Leadec not only transfers our knowledge, skills and expertise from performing customized services in plants and factories for the automotive industry - one of the most competitive industries in the world. We also provide the same high standards of service globally to our customers in many industries. Whether that be in maintenance, installation, technical cleaning, or any of the services we offer. We have the experience, we understand your needs and expectations, and we can provide the right customized service solution for you.

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All-around clean air for the start-up of plants

After the worldwide stop of production, plants were reopend. For Leadec, this reopening began at locations in China, where, Leadec employees are responsible for the maintenance of filter systems, among other things. To protect our employees and our processes, industrial extraction systems extract and filter the unwanted particles from the production halls; what remains is clean air, which for example, can be reused as a heat source. 

Leadec in China awarded best company to work for second year in a row

Leadec China’s HR Director said it was an honor after the company was awarded the Best Company to Work For award for 2019. The award is organized by HR Asia Magazine, Asia’s most authoritative publication for HR professionals, who doles these awards out annually. The judges look out for companies with high levels of employee engagement and excellent workplace culture.

Second time in a row: Leadec China awarded prize again

Leadec China received the “China Preferred Employer of the Year 2019” award that honors companies with excellent employer branding practices and employer engagement. It is granted annually by, one of China’s leading recruitment websites.

Leadec China HR Awards

  • “Best Companies To Work For In Asia 2018”  awarded by HR Asia Magazine.
  •  “2019 Top Human Resource Management Awards” issued by “51 job” website.
  • 2019 Education Development Fund Commendation Conference recognized by East China University of Science and Technology.
  • “Best Companies To Work For In Asia 2019”  awarded by HR Asia Magazine.
  • “Best China Employer Award 2019” awarded by “51 job” website.
  • “2020 Top Human Resource Management Awards” issued by “51 job” website.
  • "2020 Shanghai Harmonious Labor Relations Standard Enterprise" jointly awarded by the Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions, Shanghai Enterprise Federation/Shanghai Entrepreneur Association, and Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce.
  • "Exemplary Organization Of Collective Negotiation In 2019" issued by China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone.
  • “2021 Top Human Resource Management Awards” issued by “51 job” website.
  • “2022 Top Human Resource Management Awards” issued by “51 job” website.
  • “2022 China Haobole Annual Influential Employer” awarded by China ENFOVIA Training Institution.