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  • We love your factory

    Leadec is the world’s leading service specialist for the entire life cycle of a factory and the associated infrastructure. What guides us? Our promise to our customers: We love your factory. That’s why we are there to assist you with our services at every phase of your production: from factory planning and optimization to installation, automation, and production maintenance to technical cleaning or facility management. You should be able to concentrate fully on your core business. We at Leadec will take care of the rest.

Global player and local partner

Industrial enterprises across the globe rely on Leadec’s know-how concerning complex processes in smart factories, e-mobility, and sustainable production and infrastructure. We build on 60 years of experience and never stand still. We offer our services from a single source at 350 locations on four continents. Often right on site in the plants and facilities. Our customers experience us as reliable partners, experienced experts, and creative pioneers. We listen, assume responsibility, develop new ideas, and invest a lot in order to become better: in the development of our organization, the expertise of our 23,000 employees, the digitalization of our processes, and our constructive and trusting collaborations.

Always a step ahead

Our innovation rate is high. With digitalized services, we support and cooperate with customers in advancing their transformation. For this, we keep up with the times and follow new technologies, use the findings for our technical services, and, in this way, offer direct added value. The result is individual solutions that we develop in close cooperation with the companies in manufacturing. We have been partnering with many of them for decades. Our customers know that we always go the extra mile for them.




on 4 continents


billion euro (2023)

Our corporate culture

From boiler cleaner to a leading technical service provider for the entire factory: Leadec has undergone a sweeping transformation over the last 60 years. And for that reason, we see every challenge as an opportunity to prove ourselves and pursue our growth strategy.


Our Vision:

We are the leading service specialist for the factory of today and tomorrow.


We succeed in this through our dynamics on one hand and our constancy on the other. This yields our guiding values: Commitment, Leading Edge & Reliability.


Our strengths

Industry focus

We know our way around your factory and your infrastructure. Discrete manufacturing is our home. We have been offering technical services for production – and everything that goes with it – for 60 years now.

Global network

We are represented at more than 350 locations throughout the world and have built up a wealth of know-how. Thanks to our global network, our expert knowledge is available at all times and we can always offer the best solution. Our quality standards apply throughout the world.

Factory of the future

We are pioneers of the digital shop floor and partners beyond that. In the factory ecosystem, we play the role of neutral process facilitator. Our industrial services are digitalized, integrated, open, and IoT-capable. The acquired data form the basis for further services. We make the factory fit for the future.

Single source

We bundle our comprehensive services and offer everything from a single source. This reduces the number of interfaces and allows our customers to concentrate on their actual core business.

The factory as a system

We consider the entire life cycle of a factory. This also applies to the costs. Instead of treating the maintenance costs in isolation, we take them into account in the factory planning stage. With the total cost of ownership assessment procedure, we offer proven cost and efficiency advantages. 

First-class team

Our employees are service specialists in the factory and the associated buildings. They stand for excellent planning and execution of our services.


We at Leadec attach great importance to occupational health and safety. For our company, the well-being of our employees, customers and business partners is a top priority. With the Group initiative "Safety – It's your life" we have set ourselves the goal of "zero."

Digitized processes

Our Leadec.os business platform records our processes digitally throughout and forms seamless interfaces to the customer's systems. This creates maximum transparency in the planning and provision of all services. The acquired data forms the basis for optimizing processes – on the way to the "factory of the future."