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    What gives you the manufacturing edge? Our Production Services

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Production Services

Our industrial service specialists reduce the workload associated with your production processes over the entire life cycle of your facilities, through automation solutions, technical cleaning and maintenance.

Production Equipment Maintenance

We provide comprehensive services for production facilities. Our customized concepts enable us to minimize downtime and to optimize maintenance processes.

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Leadec helps you make the very most of the potentials in your processes. On your behalf, we find process automation solutions.

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Dis- & Reassembly / Relocation

To expertly carry out machine relocations, ranging from disassembly through reassembly and recommissioning, Leadec specialists can be relied upon to deliver logistical masterstrokes.

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Technical Cleaning & Preventive Maintenance

Due to regular, professional technical cleaning of plants, Leadec creates the ideal conditions for a smooth production process.

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Project Engineering

  • Customized Turnkey Projects
  • Machine Modification
  • Equipment/Parts Design & Manufacturing
  • Machine Overhaul
  • Hardware/Software Engineering
  • Hardware/Software Commissioning
  • Feasibility Studies

Electrical & Mechanical Installation

  • Unloading
  • Moving
  • Positioning
  • Unpacking
  • Assembly
  • Media Connection / Hook-up Services
  • Commissioning

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