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Leadec in China

Since launching in the country in 1998, Leadec in China has provided comprehensive service solutions by relying on its unique service portfolio and a wealth of global resources. We help our customers to fully focus on their core business. Harnessing the experience of nearly 1,600 employees at more than 50 different locations, Leadec serves many blue chip foreign and local customers across China.

We go the extra mile

Leadec in China is a company of the Leadec Group, Germany. With around 20,000 employees and more than 250 sites all over the world, Leadec is one of the leading suppliers of technical services for the industry.

  • Industries that thrive on progress require a service provider that presses ahead and keeps things moving. Therefore, we are now launching Leadec: the new global player for services in the field of manufacturing industries.
  • Leadec emerged from Voith Industrial Services in January 2017. This gives the new brand over 50 years of service experience.
  • We make ancillary processes our core business, so that our customers are relieved of worries and can focus completely on their core purpose.
  • Our leading edge services enable them to keep ahead. Driven by our passion for technology, our expertise and long experience in the automotive servicing sector, we support manufacturers and suppliers worldwide in making their production more reliable, more efficient and better.
  • Because we work for the best in business, we possess profound knowledge and innovative processes.
  • In our global network we benefit from continuous transfer of service know-how.

For the customer’s competitive advantage

  • Make processes run smoothly
  • Improve product quality more effectively
  • Reduce failure rates
  • Enhance business efficiency
  • Streamline unnecessary personnel expenses
  • Reduce energy consumption

We constantly expand our knowledge

Cooperation of Leadec with the East China University of Science and Technology

Having high-quality personnel with technical expertise and extensive practical experience is absolutely necessary to continuously provide our customers with value-added services. Leadec in China has therefore established a global business network and a talent development system. The company has specifically formulated a set of staff development models with local characteristics: Combining expert lectures with practical operation and combining foreign technology with the local operation. To additionally improve the technical skills of the employees a training center in cooperation with the East China University of Science and Technology was established in 2010.

Our training system

Continuous training has helped to establish sustainable development practices in our on-site team. Customized courses have covered both external and internal training. External training has focused on machines and imparting production know-how, while internal training has included the study of maintenance processes, experience sharing, case study discussions, technical coaching and equipment maintenance practice, etc. In addition, Leadec in China partnered with the East China University of Science and Technology to establish a training center there. Using this platform, we are not only able to train and qualify new employees in the basic orientation they need, but also to provide all the most up-to-date industrial maintenance and equipment training for existing employees in order to improve their technical and personnel capabilities.

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