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Whether for production equipment maintenance, automation, pre-assembly or machine cleaning: we support automotive manufacturers and suppliers throughout the entire production process. The automotive specialists of Leadec are always on the spot – with innovative solutions, solid commitment, and a wide range of skills. Based on our expertise, we offer a customized range of services from a single source.

Creating more value for our customers

Global competence and expertise delivered locally

Leadec has over 50 years of experience in the automotive industry. This experience has created extensive industry know-how and solid long-term relationships with our multinational customers. Our more than 250 sites all over the world show that Leadec develops its business from one country to another alongside these companies and provides the services required by the local users. The comprehensive knowledge transfer between our specialists across the entire world and a localized training system are therefore second nature.

With the goal of “creating more value for our customers”, the team at Leadec in China provides customized and fully integrated industrial services for manufacturers in China to assist them in achieving world class production standards in their local environment.

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Statement on COVID-19

"In this very special situation, the most important thing is to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus. We have acted early and will continue to act on preventively increasing safety and hygiene measures at our sites, having our employees work from home when they can, and proactively establishing Coordination Teams across the world to guardrail and facilitate all actions. Simultaneously, we also track and try to mitigate the economic impact at all our sites.

For our clients, we remain the reliable partners they have known for years, as customer proximity has always been in our DNA. Their factories and their people are at the core of our services. We will overcome this crisis together."

Leadec Board of Management

Production Services

Our industrial service specialists reduce the workload associated with your production processes over the entire life cycle of your facilities, through automation solutions, technical cleaning and maintenance.

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We go the extra mile

Leadec looks after plants and production facilities along the entire supply chain and ensures that technical processes run smoothly.

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